Aperitivo all’Italiana- Italian aperitifs in Hanoi

10370984_314114125405970_6445774345660050518_nThis Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5,30 to 7.30 pm join up with friends for an Aperitivo all’Italiana. A time to relax in Italian style in our sunny courtyard under the shady fruit trees while enjoying a unique selection of appetizers and wines. The aperitif is a genuinely Italian experience and is one of the most enjoyable moments for many Italians and very popular because food is served along with drinks.

Aperitifs are more common in the evening, just before dinner. Starting times vary with seasons and regions, earlier in the North and later in southern Italy. Typical Italian drinks consumed during aperitifs are wine, liquurs and cocktails. Perhaps one of the most classic drinks is the SPRITZ, a genuinely Italian cocktail made with dry white wine or prosecco, sparkling water and Aperol or Campari.

Aperol is an orange-flavoured Italian drink with a mix of different herbs. Campari has a higher alcohol content and is slightly more bitter. Both are used in a variety of Italian cocktails or simply drunk with ice and lemon. Another famous Italian cocktail is NEGRONI. It consists of red Vermouth, Gin, and bitter Campari. it is named after Count Negroni who invented it one day out of chance, inside an aristocratic cafe in Florence. Bored with his usual Americano, he asked the barman to add Gin instead of sparkling water.

The Aperitivo is a serious social event, a time to dress up and meet up with friends. the appetizers offered with an aperitif in Italy are varied, such as pasta, risotto, cold cuts, bread, vegetables, pickles and much more, in this case known as the ‘long aperitif’.

Some favourite Italian appetizers are below and Il Faro Bed&Breakfast and Restaurant will be posting up a recipe each week for an Italian Cocktail and Appetizer, though for those of you in in Hanoi we hope you’ll join us for an Aperitivo all’Italiana in person every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Sundown.

Up and coming Cocktail and Appetizer recipes

Parmesan cheese appetizers with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar 

Italian stuffed mussels

Italian truffle crostini recipe from southern Italy

Pesto and cherry tomato appetizer

Crayfish recipe in green sauce



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