Water Puppet Theatre Thăng Long in Hanoi

220px-Water_Puppet_VietnamLacquered Wood Vietnamese Water Puppet. Buddhist Ox herder parable: at Thang Long Puppet Theatre220px-PuppettheatreThe water puppet theatre is a unique experience: The shows portray historical legends and folk tales. Given by a talented troupe of actors and musicians they are curious, very amusing and enchanting to watch. They offer several shows per day and you can combine this with a visit to the Old Quarter. http://www.thanglongwaterpuppet.org

220px-Water_Puppet_Theatre_Vietnam(1)Water Puppetry is a tradition that dates to the 11th century, originating in the Red Delta Villages in North Vietnam, the performances were held in the rice paddy fields with a pagoda built on top to hide the puppeteers standing in waist-deep water. Today modern puppetry is performed in a pool of water, with the puppeteers standing behind a screen. the water acts as the stage for the puppets and provides a shimmering lighting effect. A Vietnamese orchestra provides background music, with vocals, drums, wooden bells, horns and bamboo flutes. while cymbals and gongs may loudly introduce a fire-breathing dragon’s entrance. The puppets enter from the side of the stage or emerge from the murky depths of the water.


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