Italian food tour in Hanoi – This week Sardegna


FOOD TOUR- from the 7th of July to the 3rd of August, this week we are in Sardegna from the 14th to 20th of July.


FRITTATA DI SALSICCIA – Traditional Sardinian Antipasti omelette with fresh in house Sardinian Sausage, Also known as “Salsiccia Fresca” or S’Artizzu (It’s Sardinian name) cooked with butter, herbs and eggs.

INSALATA DI MARE – A delicious sea food salad with the freshest catch of the day: from prawns and mussels, crab, baby squid,  and/or other fresh sea food and shell fish marianated in white wine, lemon, virgin olive oil and herbs.


RISOTTO AL BASILICO – A delicate classic risotto cooked with fresh basil leaves, virgin olive oil and seasoned parmesan cheese.

CONCHIGLIETTE DI MELANZANE – Pasta shells with eggplant is a rich and delicious first course. The eggplants cooked with tomato, parsley and garlic added to a creamy home made mozzarella and ground nutmeg, fill the pastsa shells with an explosion of flavours.


MILLE FOGLIE D’AGNELLO AL ROSMARINO AND CARASAU – A dish cooked for special occasions, the lamb is sautè in herbs and browned in a pan then slowly roasted, after the lamb is sliced finely (a thousand leaves) and flavoured with a sauce made from freshly ground rosemary and black pepper. Served with Carasau, a thin and crisp flat bread (made of durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and water), then separated into two sheets which are baked again. The Carasau recipe is very ancient and was conceived for shepherds, who used to stay far from home for months at a time.

CALAMARI ALL’OLBIENSE – From Olbia in Sardinia, this recipe of grilled Squid stuffed with fresh bread crumbs toasted with aromatic herbs and virgin olive oil and artichokes is a delicious main course.


CAGLIATO – A Sardinian home made sweet soft Curd known as Joddu, slightly sweet and sharp to taste, creamy and served with honey or caramel sugar or fruit preserves.

TORTA DI MANDORLE – Also known as Truta a mazz’e mendula, this is soft Almond Cake: made with fine ground almond flour, with hints of lemon and orange flower. This cake is a traditional sweet eaten at Sardinian weddings.


We look forward to seeing you and will be posting some Sardinian recipes soon. Arrivederci  


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