The Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary – meet Chocolate Tara

chocolate1Chocolate Tara
The colour of dark cocoa, Chocolate Tara is a stunningly beautiful, playful bear who loves to romp in his enclosure with his best friends. After being rescued along with 18 other bears from a bile farm in Vietnam – where cargo containers had been converted into suffocating cages – Chocolate Tara, like so many of the rescued bears, has flourished.

Spread over an area of 12 hectares, the sanctuary has over 10,000 square metres of seminatural outdoor enclosure space designed to stimulate the bears’ natural behaviour The Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre is about a two-hour drive from Hanoi. You can visit the bears on these dates:

12 and 26 July 9 and 23 August
6 and 20 September 4 and 18 October
1, 15 and 29 November 13 and 20 December
To book your visit, please email



2 thoughts on “The Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary – meet Chocolate Tara

  1. I love Chocolate Tara! When I was at the sanctuary last year he broke two swings and then picked a fight with his best friend. It’s just amazing to see these formerly farmed and tortured bears have such fun 🙂


  2. Thanks Marren, If you’ve been to Tam Dao, lucky you, perhaps you could submit a review to trip advisor too. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time.
    Ciao bnb


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