Italian Food Tour In Hanoi This Week Molise

lrg_31841238134_342646372552745_7324510597210199986_nThe traditional cuisine of this region has been shaped by the natural settings of mountains and sea. A speciality of the mountainous region – the home of shepherds- is Lamb prepared in a variety of ways – roasted, fried or cooked alla cacciatora (the hunter’s way) with red peppers. Pecorino made from sheeps milk is the most common cheese together with the ricotta salata, (a salted semi soft cheese). The Molise cuisine is dominated by flavors linked to the many aromatic herbs found there. Tasty and spicy salamis, elaborate dishes using goat, lamb and beef, and pasta dishes with fresh egg tagliatelle pasta.. The vegetables which grow in abundance in this region are cooked in a variety of different ways especially in fresh salads and soups.

Zuppa Sante’ A traditional soup prepared for festivities and special occasions. Though the recipe can vary slightly from village to village, it’s a rich broth made with a stewing hen, cooked for about 4 hours, after with added egg bread croutons, fried cheese balls (cacciocavallo and parmesan)  and tiny veal balls and fresh parsley making a wonderfully tasty soup.

Maltagliate al ragù di seppia is a rich and refined dish of fresh egg pasta, cut randomly in different shapes (mal tagliata), and seppia ragù prepared with tiny cuttle fish, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, onion and chillies.

Involtini di Manzo, Beef wraps or rolls – Thinly sliced steak wrapped around a delicious filling, usually made with breadcrumbs, parmesan, garlic and minced bacon or salami, there are many different fillings and variations, though it’s usual to braise and coat the steak with bread crumbs before cooking.

Le zeppole, a deep fried cream doughnut, a popular sweet especially to celebrate San Giuseppe day/ father’s day in Italy. The Zeppole are golden and light as air, filled with a rich cream and ever so delicious.


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