“Special Italian food in Vietnam”

“Special Italian food in Vietnam”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 16, 2014
I have been visiting il Faro with my girlfriend for our 3 years Anniversary. As in the photos, the restaurant revealed to be a great choice for a romantic dinner. The villa is located in a very quiet area close to the Tay Ho (West Lake) in Hanoi and it has a really charming look. We sat in the garden nicely furnished with Italian iron chairs and tables. Although I am Italian, I rarely eat in Italian restaurants since I cook anything by myself (including mozzarella, other cheeses or bread) however this try at Il Faro didn’t disappoint me. Me and my girlfriend shared the following menu:

Caprese salad: The salad was really nice with home-made (?) mozzarella (it had a nice texture, but a bit un-salty for my taste). The special touch was given by the sun-dried tomatoes that gave a special flavor to the dish

Mozzarella in Carrozza: This was for me the biggest surprise of the night! I am a fan of the traditional mozzarella in carrozza (with ham and mozzarella), but this variation made by the chef Nicola (Italian from Tuscany), really impressed me and it is definitively something I’ll reproduce myself. Instead of ham, the chef added anchovies to it and served aside a nice tomatoes and basil sauce. Really special!

Fusilli with Quail ragu and broad beans: The fusilli pasta were home-made and were perfectly cooked. As Neapolitan I was expecting a rich flavour ragu but I was pleasantly surprised by a very delicate taste, definitively different from the one I am used to.

Blu torched Salmon: the salmon was nicely served and prepared in a torched style that reminded me a bit of the Teriyaki Japanese cooking style. My girlfriend (Vietnamese) loved it.

Chocolate panna cotta: The panna cotta was very nice and I enjoyed the crunchy crumble it was served with, however from my experience living in Asia, I’d suggest it to be less sweet as Vietnamese people enjoy blender sweets.

Wine: We had a nice bottle of Sicilian Pinot, the best choice for me as I love the fruity Southern Italian wines.

Service: The service was very nice with the chef coming to meet us to get our feedback and the manager having a very friendly attitude. It wasn’t too crowded yesterday but nothing wrong happened. I’d suggest to have one stable waiter in the garden for an easier serving to the outside customers.

Overall, it was a very nice experience and I’ll definitively come back to check the little fine tunings and enjoy other recipes from the menu.

Visited August 2014
5 of 5 stars Value
5 of 5 stars Atmosphere
4 of 5 stars Service
4 of 5 stars Food



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