“Find this place and you will have a fantastic dinner”

“Find this place and you will have a fantastic dinner”
5 of 5 starsReviewed September 20, 2014 via mobile
Was walking around Tay Ho some weeks ago with the purpose to explore the area. Passed by this place by accident this Saturday morning and they were just preparing for a Saturday market where they was going to sell freshly made pasta, wine, olive oil etc. Got a fantastic good feeling about the atmosphere, the whole table setting, romantic lamps and welcoming and friendly attitude. Decided tonight to visit the Il Faro for the Saturday night dinner. My short summary is that this a bit hidden place is absolutely worth to visit as the food, service and drinks were just fabulous. We were three people and we have been in many Italian restaurants both globally as well as in Italy. We are not Italian but know how the difference between good and bad Italian food. We tried their Carpaccio, Buffalo Mozzarella with sundried cherry tomatoes and a fried Mozzarella bruschetta as starters. The sundried cherry tomatoes had this very balanced taste and still fresh and you could almost feel the sun warmth left. The Carpaccio was delicious with a perfect cut and tasty meat. This was the first time having raw meet since we came to Hanoi a month ago. We also had the ravioli, gnocchi and pizza. All was perfect, balanced and very nicely served with small details creating both something for the eye as well as for the taste. Unfortunately we were so happy and enjoying the meal so much that thinking of taking pictures never crossed my mind until every bit was eaten:). As a dessert we tasted the Tiramisu that was freshly made, a chocolate mousse and the panna cotta. Just perfect as everything else. The most common mistake with a panna cotta is that there are too much gelatins, but not here. Of course we had to try the coffee and a grappa as well. Now we just tried the house wine and that was served at a good temperature but they had a very nice wine list from which we will select something from next time, The whole dinner was perfect and we will absolutely come back. A visit to this hidden treasure is perfect for the romantic couple as we’ll as for the family and friends. One addition is also that the service was very good as we’ll with a clear touch of the person running the restaurant I.e clearly communicated what the service should be to create a personality. Really liked this place! We will be back:)

Visited September 2014



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