Asian Noir


Read Darren Gall’s beautifully considered article on the perfect wine to pair with Asian, Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine:

Asian Noir published on Urban Flavours

tumblr_ml3tfdiJb01r8zvzyo1_1280-2-612x220“A cleaved chunk of greasy pork, bobbing up and down, its final throws in a warm sea of noodles, spices, herbs and don’t ask what. A large porcelain bowl -chipped and cracked and stained with a drunken soy calligraphy, relics of a thousand dishes past……………


4 thoughts on “Asian Noir

  1. i never thought that we could drink wine and eat Banh my at the same time 😀 If there’s any kind of beverage to drink with vietnamese sandwich ( aka Banh my) , we’ll probably go with Iced tea or Milk ( for children ) . But I love the idea of having some wine while enjoying such sandwich, . Great suggestion. I ‘ll note those names of wine down and try them one day when eating Banh my 😀


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