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This is a really great website and users forum for expats living in Vietnam, which is also super handy for travellers and tourists. On the Vietnam forum you can find discussions and advice for a wide range of topics from music clubs, sports, teaching part time, info on the Tet holiday and motorcycle trips. Also listed are housing rentals, jobs and much more from buying a bar or business, travel insurance to international money transfers and visas.

You can join, ask questions, post free listings and add your member profile and photos..addisoninhochiminhcity1-600x410

Best of all it’s a great way to meet new friends and hook up with others in your area where you can share the same hobbies like basketball, photography or yoga…. definitely worth a visit!!!




Linguini Fini Hanoi

Hanoi’s first premium casual Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture. This means it’s not short of raw American passion with a distinct sense of style and attitude. But this is just on the surface. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover the essence of authentic Italian food. It’s fresh produce. It’s locally-sourced. And 100% home-made. Bringing to you homemade only pasta, signature 18″ New York style pizza and delicious Italian main dishes. Located in the trendy Tay Ho district on Xuan Dieu, the restaurant is spread over 3 floors with a brutalist concept architecture of glass and steel and yet furnished with Italian-Brooklyn style creating an ambience which is vibrant and exciting.


Tomatoes, onions, garlic and cook it for hours. Simmer it some more and finish it with fistfuls of basil. This is the Red Sauce at Linguini Fini Hanoi

Vinny Lauria (left). Partner and Chef checking out Vietnam's finest organic produce.

At Linguini Fini we always support local organic farmers and provide a seasonal menu that is fresher and tastes better. We also believe in farmers, the guardians of our environment. foster a great appreciation for the flavors and soul of Northern Vietnamese cuisine. I am excited to embrace those flavors and ingredients and convey them through the menu …Vinny Lauria (left). Partner and Chef checking out Vietnam’s finest organic produce.


Vinny remembers his Nonna’s ravioli. “These ravioli nourished me growing up when Id see my grandma and now I’m bringing them to Ha Noi”


The linguini fini being made. The namesake dish of the restaurant means ‘fine little tongue’ because of its shape and delicate nature.


The lone bartender AKA ” The Butcher ” is known to do his dance ritual at the end of every night. If you’re lucky you might just catch him doing it…


Linguini Fini Hanoi's fabulous Earl Grey Vodka

Linguini Fini Hanoi’s fabulous Earl Grey Vodka.


Ragù, a Meat Sauce Done Right at Linguini Fini Hanoi

Ragù, a Meat Sauce – Done Right at Linguini Fini Hanoi

Some say, that behind that baby smile.... is hidden the most advanced computerized brain that runs exclusively on beer. All we know is he’s called BIG EDDY, and he's the GM of Linguini Fini Hanoi.

Some say, that behind that baby smile….
is hidden the most advanced computerized brain that runs exclusively on beer.
All we know is he’s called BIG EDDY, and he’s the GM of Linguini Fini Hanoi.


Ladies and gentlemen we have the freshest pizzas in town... Fresh tomatoes, pesto and home made mozzarella. Ps bring some friends the pizza is big... 18 inches

Ladies and gentlemen the freshest pizzas in town…
Fresh tomatoes, pesto and home made mozzarella.
Ps bring some friends the pizza is big… 18 inches


Jess Andrenelli, the assistant manager, Lover of Apple Pie & Great wines, Wine training with the team

Jess Andrenelli, Assistant manager & marketing communications, A Lover of Apple Pie & Great Wines, having fun ‘Wine training’ with the team.


The best Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-Cream & Fudge

The best Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice-Cream & Fudge


Every Friday Night !!!! Beat the clock happy hour!!!!

Every Friday Night !!!! Beat the clock happy hour!!!!


Their own In-House Sambuca, an Italian star anise liqueur.

Their own In-House Sambuca, an Italian anise liqueur.

An applause for the seafood linguini. Top most appreciated dish this Autumn.

An applause for the seafood linguini.
Top most appreciated dish this Autumn. Or the Truffled Mushroom Fettuccine, if you haven’t tried it yet…. Well what are you waiting for!!! Pass by anytime between 12 and 3pm or 5 and 10pm to try it. See you soon…



Check out the amazing menu of starters and main dishes

Check out the amazing menu of starters and main dishes.


How Can You Resist?

How Can You Resist?

Waiting to welcome you. You can see their events, wine tastings, menus and more on their Facebook page





Hanoi – favourite wine bars- by the glass


By Darren Gall, Writer & Sommelier

Hanoi has always intrigued me, drawn me, a visually beautiful city with a certain charm and character, it smiles at you through the cracks and exhibits style and elegance even amidst occasional chaos and degradation.

Hanoi is also a city being transformed, being modernized and in certain quarters, taking on the signs of wealth and progress that are universal to cities around the world today, some signs good and some signs bad.

Yet, everywhere there is beauty in Hanoi, in the simplest scenes and in almost all of the unexpected places; all you have to do is pause to look and see for yourself…. read on

Cooking Italian in Hanoi’s rainy season – Get Inspired

I found a wonderful article written by author Darren Gall, while under the deluge of rain in nearby Cambodia: He creates a setting, a feeling and emotion,; it’s all about drinking the wine while cooking and definitely listening to great Italian opera to set the scene…


An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

an-bang-beach-hoi-an-08-600x400Everything you need to know about An Bang Beach and its wonderful Soul Kitchen Bar Restaurant.

“As I sit on the grass perched over the beach, staring out to sea, sated and listening to the vibes of the house blending in with the gentle roll of ocean onto sand, it occurs to me that if I turned to stone and sat here for a millennium or three, that would be perfectly alright with me. Frank’s marvelous, mystical kitchen has once again, saved my soul.” Read on….


Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary – 14 bears – 10 bear bile farms – 4 days – 1 incredible rescue team


Vietnam Animal Asia Rescue Team CILEZVfWcAAhfkL

Nestled in the mountain jungles of Tam Dao national park is Animal Asia’s bear sanctuary. Here you can see the most beautiful Moon bears which are native to Vietnam. Each bear has a sad story tell, years and years kept in a tiny cage unable to move around, fed on gruel, and kept for bear bile extraction. Some bears are caged as cubs and never released, many are kept caged for up to 30 years. Most farmed bears are starved and dehydrated, and suffer from multiple diseases. Fortunately the Vietnamese government has outlawed bear farming and slowly the authorities are negotiating their release to Animal Asia’s sanctuary,

Animals Asia will begin the mass evacuation of captive bears from Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province – on Tuesday 23rd June, with at least 14 bears to be freed from the illegal bile trade.
The 14 moon bears are presently spread out over 10 farms in the region, which is home to World Heritage site Halong Bay. Animals Asia’s expects the rescue to continue for four days, concluding on Friday 26th.
Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director Tuan Bendixsen said:
“We’ve been working since 2007 to end bear bile farming in Halong Bay – pushing year after year to educate tourists against the use of bear bile and working with the local authorities to build a relationship. That has intensified since late last year when we started pushing hard for a remit to rescue these long-suffering animals. We are relieved that the first large scale transfer of bears can now finally take place.

FROM THISebbf_home_304x160.1a00231ee896ee0be2d1e32a9adb51eb

TO THIS ourwor-endbearbilefarming-sanctuaries-vietnamesanctuarty-banner.cfc43686593cd03628122be418cfae13

You can follow the latest rescue live over the next 4 days

You can visit the rescued bears living in bear paradise at the sanctuary

An Evening… at the Opera (House)

A wonderful restaurant in the old quarter of Hanoi

Cau Go Restaurant

Cau Go Restaurant is superbly located in the very heart of Hanoi. The bustling old quarter, the charming Hoan Kiem Lake and many of the city’s finest museums are within walking distance from the Hanoi restaurant… and so is a vast array of exciting evening activities. In our ‘An Evening…’ series, we open up nighttime Hanoi by providing you with the ingredients to cook up a fabulous evening in this charming city. Hanoi is undoubtedly Vietnam’s culture capital, and what better way to spend an evening here than to combine a fabulous meal at Cau Go Restaurant with unique entertainment?

The Neo-Baroque Hanoi Opera House, found near the southeast corner of Hoan Kiem Lake, was modeled on the opulent Palais Garnier in Paris and is a 10-15 minute walk or short taxi ride away from Cau Go Restaurant. This architectural wedding cake is now Hanoi’s premier concert hall and many…

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Wine tasting Georges Duboeuf Crus of Beaujolais at The Warehouse Hanoi

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at 5pm, at 27 Xuan Dieu Tay Ho for a tasting of Georges Duboeuf Crus of Beaujolais!
Plus come and enjoy a 20% discount on these wines until the next Thursday.

Georges Duboeuf Crus is a worldwide distinguished pioneer in Beaujolais.

Fleurie is one of the ten crus of Beaujolais and one of the most sought after. Georges Duboeuf is one of the best known winemakers in this region to the south of Burgundy, and has been nicknamed the King of Beaujolais.

Classic Fleurie with fresh cherry fruits and a fragrant, floral perfume. Concentrated fruit and light tannic presence are testament to the cru status of this wine. An attractive wine with a silky texture.


Gerard Bertrand 6 Course Wine&Dine in Hanoi

We are pleased to invite you to our next Wine & Dine event on the Friday 15th of May.

Our Chef “Benjamin Rascalou” has designed for this special occasion a 6-course fine-dining menu including 3 starters, a roasted camembert and a selection of chocolate delicacies for the final touch. The master piece, a marinated Australian Prime be
f Tenderloin in 5 peppers, will be served for main.

Each course will be paired by a different wine from “Gerard Bertrand”, one of the most renowned wine maker of South-West France, including their famous and excellent “Cigalus” and “l’Hospitalitas” (See tasting notes attached).
To know more about Gerard Bertrand, please visit is website:

Come to enjoy yourself with a delightful and unique epicurean experience at La Badiane for only 2,100,000VND / person. (Please be informed, the number of guests is limited to 25 so we highly encourage you to book as soon as possible if you would like to join us)

Email: or
Tel: (04)